Thesis, Friday night. Warning: Whiny

November 18, 2006 at 2:11 am (beowulf, thesis)

Chapter 2, at least the part I can “see,” is going to be about a sense of shifting borders in Beowulf — the shifting borders, not just between kin-groups and holdings, or between human and monstrous behavior (pretty well covered by my betters), but between human and monstrous bodies. All I can do is point to things and suggest, but I have a lot of things to point to.

This weekend is “get all of these notes hammered into semi-polished prose” weekend, because I need about half of a thesis chapter by Tuesday and it needs to at least manage self-containment as a “paper.” My problem? I can’t see the forest for the trees. I would return to my prospectus but it was all BS, really, anyway. I think I might be insane. I’m not sure I really have anything to connect all this different stuff I’m looking at. And/or it’s a great big, “well, duh” waiting to happen – a rather thoroughly researched “so what,” a non-event.

Tonight: Write ONE MORE PAGE. NO getting up until it’s written.

Tomorrow: Finish sections on Sigmund/Fitela from the Edda and those wolf-skins, Weland from here and there, and Fafnir and the berserkr. Start on Puhvel and heroic rage, Sharma and gebolgen, Body and Soul I and tie into Kabir on interim paradise, or wait? That could very well keep me busy until Tuesday with no consideration for theological conflicts about the nature of the body/soul connection, and relics & sacral kingship and their dark side, contagion and monster cooties, from there. I have bitten off more than I can chew (bat ban-locan, blod edrum dranc, syn-snaedum swealh) and I just can’t digest it all.

All of this ties into The Problems With Consumption, too, but I couldn’t at this point tell you how. I’m going on blind faith.


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  1. kdegruy said,

    Wow… this is seriously the lamest spam ever. You could have at least attached a funny joke about a duck, a giant, and two Geats walking into a bar.

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