Site traffic and fair warning

September 19, 2007 at 12:30 am (Uncategorized)

Usually when this page gets any hits, it’s because I have just posted something asinine that I either dashed off without much attention to grammar or even sense, or else because I posted something funny that I got from somebody else.  In the former case, it seems as if only the truly asinine things I post ever get linked to from other blogs, and then I hang around feeling like a dork for a while.  In the latter case, well, it’s good to have funny friends.

But today’s site traffic didn’t appear to originate from any link exchange stuff in the blog world.  Instead, it came from search engines, and because of the search terms, I feel obligated to post a few disclaimers.

marrok knight 8
marrok the knight 4
marrok knight 2
“slouching towards” 1
An Introduction to the Study of the Poem 1
sir marrok 1

Folks, if you are coming here for any info on Sir Marrok, please don’t believe anything you read in that post earlier this year.  I hope the bibliography did you some good, and I’m sorry that there’s not more Marrok stuff out there.  I wonder why the sudden interest.

As for “you tube second shepherds’ play,” well . . . I’m baffled. What are you looking for when you search for this? Sorry to disappoint.

And these are from a couple of weeks ago (I love to check the search terms.  They usually crack me up.)

marrok wikipedia    1

Two great tastes?
what is a working bibliography    2

Hope you got some help with that.

ally bain discography    1

Whu?  Huh?  Who?
spancel witchcraft    1

And I’m really sorry I never sustained the investigation into that little tidbit.  I kind of doubt the person searching got what s/he was after here.

psychological beowulf dragon blog    1

Yes!  What a great search term!  I want to have a psychological beowulf dragon blog!

Anglo Saxon deaths by monsters    1

And again, very cool.

Now it’s back to death-by-i-mutation-and-weak-verbs-flashcards.  The papercuts, man, they really smart.


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  1. Highlyeccentric said,

    death by i-mutation.

    that sounds distressing 😦

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