end of my third week of grad school

September 21, 2007 at 7:48 pm (grad school)

I failed an Old English quiz today.  (I would like to blame Peter Baker, whose table 7.2 in the verbs chapter of the new edition of Introduction to Old English transposes the strong and weak labels for the past indicative.  However, I failed for other reasons entirely, so Professor Baker is off the hook.)

My back is going out.

I have a presentation on Beckett’s Trilogy due Monday, with secondary sources, and I am only sixty pages into Molloy.

I’ve had a low-grade headache for five days now.

Also, I am getting fat due to not having had time to get any cardio in.

So, in the spirit of “let’s laugh about it all while we still can,” I give you…

Beckett For Babies


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