November 21, 2007 at 4:38 am (Anglo-Saxon, beowulf, grad school)

I’d just like to go on record as saying this:

When I thought I had no time in my MA program, taking two classes, teaching two classes, and writing my thesis, I was a fool.

Now I really know what it’s like to have no time.

Which means that in the tiny part of my brain that is not occupied with the sexuality of Milton’s angels, the use of grave goods as gifts in A-S England, the mutable spectre of Weland the Smith in A-S literature, and the figure of the animal in Beckett’s earlier prose as a mediator between human beings (the topics of my final research projects for my FOUR CLASSES), I am thinking:

OMG I coulda been so much more productive during my MA program (had I only realized that you can in fact exist without a social life, a love life, any down time, more than six hours of sleep a night, seeing your family at holidays, taking your child *anywhere* except to the grocery store, and/or ever ever ever being caught up with the reading).

So it’s funny that I used to complain about never having any time yet I found all that time to babble on in this blog about socks, the Army, and Malory’s werewolf knight.  I’m hoping to have something interesting to babble about ref. the Second Shepherds’ Play later in December, and maybe even something interesting to say about gift exchange theory redux sometime soon (like maybe by when my paper is due), but I am afraid that the long-awaited review of the new Beowulf movie is just going to have to wait until the week between the end of next summer’s term and start of next fall’s.

Yay grad school.



  1. Jacob said,

    That completely happened to me. What’s up with that? I went from 15 hours (9 taking, 6 teaching) to 12 hours (6 and 6), and the workload increased. Granted, the six and six was two seminars and two sections of world literature, but the death of time continued through the spring and on into this semester–in both cases, teaching should have gotten easier.

    Still, as one of my former (now graduated) colleagues is fond of saying, “Grad School maketh monks of us entire”–and to be fair, my director said on entering the program that the monastic vows were “poverty, chastity, and obedience. Pick two.”

    So . . . pick two!

  2. Heo Cwaeth said,

    Wait, you had only one or two classes at a time in your MA program? I’m so irritated now.

  3. Karma said,

    Sorry! 🙂

    At the end, I had one class plus thesis hours (but I was done with coursework, just had to be full time to be eligible for the teaching fellowship); most other semesters I had two classes. I taught two classes per semester though (not TAed). I think that’s why two classes was full time and you needed permission to take more than three — they were trying to protect their slave labor from burnout. It took me a little longer to graduate than it takes some people who took 3 classes per term, but they weren’t single parents so I refused to feel too terrible about that ;-p

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