medieval mad-libs

February 13, 2008 at 1:59 am (Uncategorized)

Stolen from meadb on livejournal’s medievalstudies community:

There was a certain noble woman of God by the name of (female name) ____________in the country of the (Middle Eastern People) _______________. Although she was filled with the Holy Spirit her father was a pagan who worshiped stone idols. On day a (person of rank)____________ by the name of (masculine Roman name) ___________was (verb of locomotion ending -ing) ____________ by and saw the maiden. He was overcome with lust and petitioned her father (exotic pagan name)____________ for her hand in marriage. But the maiden was devoted to God and wished to preserve her chastity. For her pains, she was locked in a (adjective)______________prison where a devil appeared to her in the form of a (noun)______________and promised her (noun)___________ and (adjective)________ (noun)______________if she would renounce her faith. (Maiden’s name)_____________ told the devil she trusted in Christ and then (act of violence, past tense)_____________him in the (body part)__________. The next day she was brought before her suitor, who threatened her with (kind of torture)______________if she would not convert. The maiden spoke movingly of her chastity and the assembled crowd of (number)_________ people converted and were later martyred. The maiden’s faith remained strong as she was (past tense verb of hitting/cutting)______________, burned with (burning thing)______________ and finally (past tense description of water torture)__________. Her body was then (past tense verb)___________ and in that spot (miracle)_______. Here ends the passion of (maiden)___________. May we remember the commandments of our Lord, he who is (adjective)___________ forever and ever. AMEN.


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