busy busy busy

September 18, 2008 at 1:46 am (grad school)

I’m not dead, just insanely busy.

In addition to the little matter of the incompletes I took last semester which are weighing heavily upon me, I’m TAing a section of Brit Lit to 1600, learning Latin (slowly and clumsily), reading Anglo Saxon psalms, taking an Arthurian Tradition class, revising an article on angels to send out for publication, and taking a Comp Lit class on Camp, Performance, and Ritual, which is easily one of the most amazing classes I’ve ever had (and I’ve been in college off and on since 1990 – I went to five undergrad institutions and am on my second grad institution. That’s a lot of classes. They don’t make any more degrees after this one, though, so I’m hoping I can stop being a student one day next decade.  Formally, at least.)

My Latin grades are the bad news. The good news is Anglo Saxon psalms are fun; I’m going to SEMA next month which is always fun; and I’m going to Kalamazoo next spring for the first time.  I will finally be able to grok all the in-jokes.

But all my writing energy is going elsewhere so this blog has been terribly neglected.

Back to the grind… I mean the Chretien de Troyes…


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