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December 7, 2008 at 5:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Ah, the end of the semester. What better way to procrastinate on writing final seminar papers and grading essays on Paradise Lost than to tinker with one’s blog?  Yes, so…

I’ve put up my Kin of Cain annotated bibliography, as a “page,” so there is a little link to the right under the Pages heading.

Also, let me say I detest wordpress’s new “add new post” screen.  Maybe it’s just my computer settings, but it’s seriously driving me crazy and I am hereby registering my discontent.



  1. Jonathan Jarrett said,

    It doesn’t seem very different to me. What is it about it that gets you? Were you aware the different bits of it can mostly be dragged-and-dropped around your browser window, and their positions saved automatically for next time you use that screen (from that computer)? At that rate you can pretty much recreate the old screen unless yours was already quite different to mine somehow…

    • Karma said,

      Mine is completely different – disorientingly different. It’s got a three column layout and is very crowded, and I can’t get stuff moved far enough away to see what I’m editing, and then when I collapse my Publish window my cursor no longer works in my text window. It didn’t look like this last week. Perhaps I accidentally opted into or out of something.

  2. Jonathan Jarrett said,

    No, they’ve changed the whole back-end and this is a new design of dashboard to go with it, everyone across WordPress is getting this, though not with that cursor bug you mention. They posted details here. The left-hand column is just the old top bar, about which many people complained when it was installed. It’s all draggable and collapsable, but as I’m not seeing the problems you seem to be getting, I’m not sure I can be any more help…

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