May 9, 2009 at 1:39 am (Uncategorized)

Someone here at Kalamazoo mentioned this blog to me yesterday, saying, “I remember your old blog, yeah.”

Oy.  Yeah, it’s been a while.

But after two back to back panels today, right on the heels of the final Latin exam last Monday and 100 pages of more or less polished prose that had to be turned in in the last half of this semester, I am officially done jumping through hoops and can breathe again.   At least until Monday, when I get back home and have to get my orals list together in a big damn hurry before all the people on my committee scurry off to England for the summer.

Then I have to read everything on the damned thing by September.

But that’s ok – I’m not complaining.  I just made it through the Worst Semester Yet and I am still in one piece.  If this semester didn’t kill me, nothing will. I just opened a beer, but I think my real reward might be going to sleep before midnight for the first time in over four months.

I have been in my room for most of my stay here trying to finish the paper I gave today but couldn’t really start until my coursework crap was done Monday, so I can’t tell you a great deal about this Kalamazoo experience, except that the brief foray out into the Wide World (well, the BABEL party) was a great deal of fun.  The panel I was on had very good papers on the Grendelkin and on serpent women with scarlet lips, and the MEARCSTAPA roundtable on Monster Theory was thought-provoking, productive, invigorating, and inspiring – it was a pleasure to talk with those folks and with the people who attended, who brought brilliant comments and perspectives to the discussion and who helped me get my mental groove back in a big way.

I am actually going to go to *other people’s sessions* tomorrow!  The pressure is off!  I have two glorious days of relative freedom!  I get to crack endless Beowulf jokes!

Ok, I got all that enthusiasm out of my system.  Back to the usual Crankiness, Doom, and Gloom 🙂




  1. Jonathan Jarrett said,

    Congratulations on leaving the tunnel and actually having fun! It seems that even those not going are getting some of this. Also, good to see evidence of this in the form of a blogpost… Hope there will be time for more.

  2. Mary Kate Hurley said,

    It was a pleasure sharing a roundtable (or a square one) with you, Karma. Hope to see you again soon!!!!

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