radio silence

July 16, 2009 at 11:40 pm (Uncategorized)

Been putting together my exam list and reading, reading, reading.  I no longer think taking it in the fall is going to be possible, especially since a whole Early Modern component has had to be added to it, but nothing will blow up if I take it in the spring instead.

At this point I’m just trying to get through these next two semesters and read as quickly as possible, so I’m not doing much in the way of reading notes that are worth reading.  I’m feeling fairly “behind” already, but I suppose that might be par for the course.  (I’m also feeling a teeny bit resentful of the breadth and length of my list as compared to non-medievalists, but I shouldn’t whine – I knew what I was getting into going into this. Well, except I didn’t think I’d have an Early Modern list and I didn’t think Shakespeare would be on my list.  I haven’t read Shakespeare with any seriousness since the mid-90s.)

Due to a singularly bone-crunching Spring semester and my attendance at both SEMA and K’zoo (much of which I had to pay for out of pocket), I’m not conferencing this year.  I’m going to focus on getting something published, teaching, getting my languages into better shape, figuring out how to afford my daughter’s braces, and getting to ABD in a timely manner.  I’m also feeling curiously unmoored and slightly deflated, though I’m by no means done with coursework, having come into all this without the necessary languages and in possession of a few more debts and responsibilities than many. But I think a lot of that is just *summer.*  It’s one of those “too much to do and much of it ornerous” modes combined with “no summer funding omgwtf am I going to do about needing brakes” plus a dash of “can’t write worth a damn and have nothing to say and what the hell am I doing in a PhD program” stretches.  So in a weird sort of way, I’m thinking I’ll feel better when the semester starts.

I really need a new bookshelf.

That is all.


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