The Hours of Catherine of Cleves and random

March 2, 2010 at 6:01 am (Uncategorized)

How can you not love something called “Demons and Devotion“?

I want this. For Christmas.

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten  a reprieve on PhD exam date – I can take it in September instead of next month if I can also be ready to defend a dissertation prospectus at the end of September.  Uh, sure, ok, if you say so.  So yeah, that’s putting me firmly behind the curve in my cohort in terms of progress, but dammit, my cohort doesn’t have to write a seminar paper on the Investiture Controversy, isn’t revising a paper on Chretien de Troyes for Leeds, and isn’t in the process of drastically revising an article in the hopes of appeasing a reviewer whose favorite comment about her writing involves the phrase “stylistically infelicitous.”  I knew all these years of taking my lumps at the hands (or red pen) of my advisor would pay off in thicker skin someday.  That day is damn-well nigh.

I am feeling pulled in two directions on the diss project – there may be a way to get these directions to overlap, but I’m not at a stage of thinking where I can convince anyone that the scope of such a thing would be reasonable.

I taught JJ Cohen’s “Monster Culture (Seven Theses)” and Lytton Smith’s “Monster Theory” (sort of) side-by-side earlier this semester – we keep circling back to both, but for some of the students at least, it’s been an enormously productive (and fun!) juxtaposition.  I had a student struggling to articulate what promises to become a brilliant extended metaphor involving the “traces” of the yeti footprints in the snow during writing workshop last week.  It’s a required course and is, as such, drudgery for some, and the topic is immaterial – it’ s a writing class they needed and it fit their schedule and that’s that.  I don’t take such things personally – I had to take math. A lot. And I hated it.  Nobody’s fault.  But some are doing really great work and bringing some wonderful energy to the classroom, and I have definitely had it worse on the teaching end before.

Ok, back to Pope Gregory and his serial excommunicating.


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