long time no blog

July 5, 2010 at 4:18 pm (Uncategorized)

This was a semester from hell.  Medieval Latin, new course prep, a suddenly super-angsty pre-teen in the household – that’s all I”m going to say on the matter, though more could be said about why this was among the worst four-month stretches of my life.

The good news is that I am officially Done With Coursework.  Let’s not talk just now about the article revision that I promised, er, at the end of April that, er, isn’t done.

The exciting news is that I’m in Oxford for the summer, working for my university’s British Studies/Study Abroad program, and that I’m headed to Leeds this coming weekend for my first trip to the International Medieval Congress.  I almost sort of have the paper about halfway done, too.

The frightening news is that I”m supposed to have a PhD exam passed in August and a dissertation prospectus draft in September.  Since I’m currently working something like 80-hour weeks, I am really not sure how all of this is going to happen. But it’ll work out. I don’t know how; it’s a mystery.  But surely it will?  It has to. Because my dissertation is going to be on angels, and surely they are watching out for me. One was watching out for me yesterday:

I have to get back to work herding humanities undergraduates to educational outings, but I wanted to:

1. take a moment to note this recent post on In The Middle, on medieval blogging, to which I say yes, and yes, and yes, this.

2. draw your attention, should you be of the facebook tribe, to the new MEARCSTAPA facebook group page.  Join up! We have t-shirts!  (Well…. cafepress has t-shirts anyway).


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