Leeds and Salisbury and angels, oh my

July 22, 2010 at 12:19 am (Uncategorized)

St. Michael’s chapel at Salisbury Cathedral. (photo is my personal property; not for use without my permission.)

I enjoyed this trip very much, though it was too rushed; I wish I’d had more time to hang out in St. Michael’s chapel as well as to study the kneeler cushions’ needlework so I could make up a pattern when I get home.  They were very nice, and the stitching is fairly simple. They were not as nice as those at the chapel at the Tower of London though – those were some seriously gorgeous kneeler cushions in reds and golds with intricate patterned work.  Though I don’t know why I keep fooling myself that I have time, or will in the near future have time, to do any sort of handcraft work.  A recent graduate of Current School says that she found a way to knit and read at the same time. But I can’t usually read without a pencil (or a dictionary) in my hand, and I can picture how counterproductive it would be to set down knitting needles to pick up a pencil, and then set down the pencil to pick up the knitting or needle work, etc.

Meanwhile, thanks to a co-panelist and an attendee giving me recs and ideas, I’m reading St. Michael from the South English Legendary (thanks Chris, and person whose name is temporarily slipping my mind even though I wrote it down! sorry!)  Since my dissertation needs to have a Middle English bit, and I don’t actually know very much about Middle English compared to anybody else on the planet that studies medieval English lit, I am pleased to have hit upon this relatively early in the “read everything you can get your hands on” stage of the writing process.  I loves me some South English Legendary.  (Though of course Richard F. Johnson has probably beat me to anything I might have found to say about St. Michael re. the SEL.)

This is a photo from our MEARCSTAPA business meeting right after it began to rain.  There is a joke here.  It begins, “How many medievalists does it take to put up an umbrella…”


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