Junicode v. 0.7 [via dm-l]

January 4, 2012 at 7:41 pm (Uncategorized)

[lifted wholesale from the Digital Medievalist list]


Yet another release of Junicode, the font for medievalists.

There were significant problems with some Windows apps in version 0.7. These have now been fixed in version 0.7.1; all Windows users should update their copies. But there are other incremental improvements as well, so OS X and Linux users may as well update.

Be sure to delete the old version before installing the new: there have been some file name and font name changes, and so failure to delete the old copy will surely cause problems.

Peter Baker

One more note by the way. If you have a *very* recent version of Firefox you can see the new advanced typography support in that browser tested/demonstrated with Junicode here:


Insular letter-shapes, true small caps, historical forms, and more, including (my personal favorite) reversed and mirrored runes. I hope very much that this kind of typography will eventually be supported in all the major browsers.

Version 0.7 of Junicode, the font for medievalists, has now been released; download it at


This version contains numerous new glyphs, including:

– Complete IPA Extensions range in all four faces
– Complete Runic range in all four faces
– Mirrored runes in the regular face (accessible via the OpenType rtlm feature tag)

In response to user comments, line spacing settings have been restored to those of earlier versions. A new hinting system has been adopted for greatly improved screen display.

A WOFF version is available for web developers. The font has been tested in Windows 7, OS X and Ubuntu Linux. Please write if you run into any problems installing or using it.

As always, Junicode is completely free.

Peter Baker

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  1. Jonathan Jarrett said,

    Ooh shiny! Thankyou.

    • Karma said,

      There’s an important update; I’ve edited the post.

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